Lifestyles, Marketing And Murder

21 May

What a crazy world we live in.  Between politics, entertainment, and the ongoing sexual depravity that the human race is so quickly embracing, it seems tough for a Christian to even want to get out of bed and face the world anymore.

Immigration, world politics, same-sex marriage, Islamic threats to freedom and democracy, child molestation rampant in the Catholic church, possible economic collapse, the radical homosexual agenda and the continued murder of millions upon millions of innocent babies, all in the name of a woman’s right to choose.

These are terrible times we live in.  But at least it’s all being well-marketed.

Homosexual Advocacy Through Marketing

Gay-Marriage-FlagTake, for example, homosexuality.  It is one of the most well-crafted marketing campaigns the world has ever seen.  Politicians are now pushing legislation to regulate our thoughts

Homosexuals have absolutely no choice in the matter.  No matter what. (So they say.)

A straight man has choices.  He can be with a woman, as everyone would expect, or he could be with a man, and everyone would just call it experimenting.  If he finds he likes it and wants to keep doing it, they have a word for that, too.  They call it bisexual.  That means he has complete control over his choice of sleeping with either a man or a woman.

The homosexual, however, does not have that choice.

According to the marketing of the day, we are told that homosexuals are “born that way.”

No choice.  None.

In fact, as someone who had lots of gay friends and knows quite a bit about the lifestyle, I can say for a fact that a homosexual man who wants to “have the choice” of being with a woman is quickly exiled from his friends and his community.

Because of the marketing, it has to be this way.

The homosexual community has gone to extremes to teach the lie that certain people are born that way.  Realizing that they may never change the minds of older, more conservative people, they are now going after our children, attempting to indoctrinate them while they are young, so they grow up never questioning if it is the truth.

That’s why it is so important to teach our children a Biblical worldview.  If they don’t get their values and morals from the Word of God, then the only place left for them to learn what’s important is in the world.

And we can see how well that worked out for Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and a host of other pop stars and celebrities whose lives have hit the skids… while the whole world watched.

Have you noticed how the stars and celebrities seem more and more open to things that people just didn’t talk about a couple decades ago?  And have you noticed how those stars and celebrities are getting younger and younger, as if the world has said that it’s ok to discuss sexuality with underage boys and girls, as long as they are pop stars?

It’s because the world loves to market its questionable morality to children because one day, you and I will be gone, but our children will still be here and without a firm foundation to stand on, they will end up falling for the deceptions of the world and the lies of Satan.

On To The Abortionists (No Such Thing As Pro-Choice)

But before people think that I am only picking on the homosexuals, let’s also look at the abortion movement.

I say abortion movement and not pro-choice movement because there really is no such thing as a pro-choice movement.

Let me explain.

Pro-choice sounds so good, doesn’t it?  It seems full of women being responsible with the choices they make.  And after all, it is their body, so they have the right to make choices concerning it.

But it’s nothing more than a lie, born of their father, the devil.

Consider that if a woman, a “pro-choice” proponent, really wanted to be responsible, perhaps after she is pregnant with a living human being inside of her isn’t the best time to start.  Didn’t she know that unprotected sex would lead to pregnancy?  Why wasn’t she being responsible when she chose to have sex?

What I am saying is this: If she wanted the right to choose, then she should have made the responsible choice to either not have sex, or have sex with the use of birth control.

Bottom line, she made her choice.  Now she should deal with the consequences and have the baby.

Why should another living human being have to die to cover up her poor judgment when it comes to sex?  Because of the slick marketing campaign the abortionist movement has created.

See, Americans are all about choice.  Choice tells us that it’s all about us.  That we are in control.  And we like to be in charge, don’t we?

“You can’t tell me  what to do or how to live my life,” we might say.  And that’s what the abortionists are counting on.

They are counting on us preserving a person’s right to choose for themselves over the life of a child.

And it works.  Mostly because we cannot see the child.  Not really.  If there was a child standing in the room, there would be absolutely no choice in the matter.  The child would be allowed to live.  People everywhere would demand it.

Unborn-ChildBut we can’t see the child.  In fact, it’s not even called a child.  It’s called an embryo.

That sounds scientific, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s meant to.  It’s designed to put as much distance as possible between some scientific term and a living child.

And the American public has bought the lie: hook, line and sinker.

So What Now?

Well, that’s not an easy question.

First, take some time and decide where you truly stand on these issues.  Do some research and see the dissenting points of view for yourself.  Read everything you can, but realize that there is a lot that is going to be simply marketing or “spin” instead of black and white truth.

Next, take some time and research what the Bible truly says about these subjects.  Make sure that you understand that both homosexuality and murder are both sins that Christ died on the cross to forgive and free people from.

Then, pray.  Pray that the Lord will illuminate your heart with the truth and will protect you from the lies of the marketing campaigns.  Pray for the people who are making the choices to commit these particular sins, that they would be freed from the lies and the guilt and shame.  Pray the the Light of Christ would shine into their hearts and lives and that they would come to know Him.

Finally, do something.  Get involved with great ministries such as Exodus International, your local Crisis Pregnancy Center or a ministry within your local church.  Don’t have one in your church?  Then start one.  But do something to get involved, because these people need the love of Christ.

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