Pray For Persecuted Christians In India

17 Dec

Here is a prayer request I received from a dear friend and brother in the Lord.  The names have been changed to protect the identities of those we are praying for, but God knows each little lamb that we lift up to Him.  Please pray for relief in this situation.

Prayer Request:

Kindly pray for Sister J, who comes from a Brahmin family and despite opposition from her family she took baptism in my recent visit to India.

She has been severely beaten by her family and she is locked in the room so that she should not contact any one out side.

It is especially very difficult for the girls to accept Christ and face real persecution both mental and physical from their families and society.

Also pray for her Pastor and his wife that they are safe and protected from the physical harm from the Hindu groups in that city.

Pray that the situation in their city should not go out of control and all the newly baptized believers stand strong in the faith.

Prayer Request Update:

J was demon possessed and God delivered.  After her healing, her father was backslided due to the fear of society but J continued coming to the church.  Her father was not in favor of her coming to the church.  He told her not go to the church but still she kept coming to the church regularly and last month she was baptized.  She did not inform her father regarding baptism.  Yesterday he came to know about it and yesterday he has beaten her badly and even tried to kill her by putting kerosene on her.  But God saved her.  Now she is under great threat since she took water baptism and coming to the Church.  Pray for God to change her father and for God to give her courage to face the persecution.  We need your valuable prayer for J.

These are the original requests I received.  Their names and any identifying information have been left out.  Please stop right now and pray for these persecuted brothers and sisters who are in India.  And especially J.  Pray for relief in that situation.

Pray that God continues to move His mighty hand in India and around the world!

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One response to “Pray For Persecuted Christians In India

  1. Matthew Hadley

    December 19, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    May GOD Bless all our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. We think we have it hard here in the USA…


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