Thomas Nelson Book Review – "What’s He Really Thinking" by Paula Rinehart

08 Sep

As I started reading this book, I expected to find all of the usual clichés that you would suppose would be in a book written by a woman to other women, trying to accurately explain what a man is thinking and feeling. Instead what I found was an author who obviously took the time to really investigate her topic. Paula Rinehart was able to get at the heart of a man without reverting him to a knuckle-dragging caveman from an auto insurance commercial. In between the precise conclusions she draws from her research, she shares stories from the couples whom she interviewed. Often these stories leave the reader wanting more of the history and background than the author or the editor chose to provide, but the fast-paced writing of the book more than makes up for what is lost in the personal stories.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book for both men and women who are having trouble communicating with each other. For men, it can give some new ideas and provoke new thoughts in our communication with the women we love. For women, it does indeed give insight into what a man is thinking.

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Posted by on September 8, 2009 in Thomas Nelson


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