Introduction to the Book of John

28 May

Since this is my first series of posts where we walk through a book of the Bible together, I thought an introduction would be in order. I typically read from the ESV, which stands for English Standard Version. Like the NIV, it gives a good balance between direct literal translation and readability. For commentary and notes, I have a MacArthur (NKJV) Study Bible and an ESV Study Bible, and I refer to both when studying out a passage. Mainly, though, I rely on the Holy Spirit to teach me and guide me, since He is the author of the book! I have come to appreciate the things that the Holy Spirit has taught me above everything else that I learned from others, simply because it’s exciting to have such a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit!

I’d like to be able to say I have all the answers to all of the questions, but I am here to learn just like everybody else. I want to understand what the Scriptures teach and I want to be able to clearly and effectively communicate that knowledge to others. I want to apply that knowledge to my life so that through obedience to His Word, I can please my Lord.

Now get ready… the first passage will be John 1: 1-18. I’ll include the link to read the passage first in each post, and then I’ll just share with you what my studying reveals, as well as my personal thoughts on the passage. If you agree or if you disagree… either way, comment and start a conversation about it. If there’s something that I missed, comment and let me know. I want us all to come together as the Body of Christ and study the Word together. We need to be unified as the Church, all of us under the singular Head, which is Christ. Let’s do this together!!!

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