3 Reasons We Don’t Share the Gospel (Part 4 of 4)

20 May

Reason #3 – I don’t know how to share the Gospel

As hard as the last post was for me to write, this one is equally difficult, although for a much different reason.

One of the things I notice as I read through the Bible is that sinful man is always turning away from the Lord and His commandments. But equally clear is the fact that God has always kept for Himself a faithful remnant. This is as true today in the church as it was in the Old Testament days of Israel. Even though much of the church in America is pandering to the desires of the world and not holding to the moral, ethical and Godly guidelines given in the Bible, there are still a number of churches who have not bowed under the pressure to be more politically correct and accepting of behaviors and lifestyles the Bible simply calls sin. These churches are the faithful remnant that have remained true to God while the rest of America’s churches have opened their doors to ravenous wolves, false prophets and false teachers who come with the promise of things like salvation without sanctification, prosperity for all and a ton of other more politically and culturally acceptable doctrines.

Unfortunately, one of the first things to go was evangelism. That’s because the first thing that HAD to go was the name of Jesus Christ. Why? Because there is no other name in heaven or on earth by which mankind can be saved. And so, as the world became more and more accepting of sinful behaviors, as the world was given over to its own lusts, people stopped wanting to hear about salvation and the name of Jesus. God is light, and sinful man loved the darkness rather than the light so the light had to be removed. That’s the state of many of our churches today: they desire to take God and Jesus out of the church, so that the people can come in and not be convicted by their sinful behavior. Instead of worship music or hymns, we now have rock and roll. Instead of preaching the whole counsel of the Word of God that shows humanity’s totally depraved nature, we have self-help type messages that boost our self-esteem and make us feel better about ourselves. We have removed conviction and replaced it with comfort.

The remnant, however, has and will remain faithful to Jesus Christ. But even among this remnant, the people have not been properly taught. The people have not been properly discipled. Even among the remnant of the faithful, many of the pastors and teachers and leaders have not taught evangelism to the people under their care.

It just breaks my heart to know that there are people out there who have the heart and the desire to share the Gospel, but no one has ever taught them how.

Well, I hate to just point out problems without being able to provide solutions, so here is the solution:

Evangelism Explosion!!!

At Sonshine Fellowship Church, we know that evangelism is NOT simply inviting your friends to church every week so that they can hear the Gospel from the preacher. We know that evangelism is best done by equipping our people to share the Gospel one-on-one, so that when they exit the church building they can share Jesus in their everyday lives.

Here’s where you come in. If you would like to learn how to share the Gospel, we have 4 EE-certified teachers who can teach you how to share your faith in everyday life. Better than that would be to get a group of your friends together and set up a class where an EE-certified teacher leads you through classroom and on-the-job training. The best solution would be to get your pastor involved and have EE planted in your church.

Be honest with yourself and ask if learning to share your faith effectively is what the Lord would have you to do. (for the answer, see Matthew 28: 18-20)

Last year, Evangelism Explosion had 5.2 million professions of faith that were reported. Many more go unreported, so that number is likely much higher. This is a method that works and I pray that you would seek the Lord about this. If I or any other leader at Sonshine Fellowship Church can be of any help, please feel free to contact us. We all have the same vision, and that is building the Kingdom!

Let’s see if we can do more by doing it together!!!

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