3 Reasons Why We Don’t Share the Gospel (Part 1 of 4)

15 May

I received an e-mail yesterday morning that stopped me cold in my seat and brought conviction upon me that is still disturbing me. I won’t share what the e-mail said exactly, except to say that it was sent from a 68 year old man in Baltimore who has a “vision” for how the entire world can fix the economy and end all wars, hate, poverty, starvation, racism, taxes and every other social problem this world faces. On January 4, 1980, this man was given a “vision” of a way to create true economic success for humanity. He has spent the last 28 years of his life being driven by this “vision” and now is committed to spending every moment of every day sharing it with as many people as he can.

I spent 25 minutes of my life reading his “plan” before I realized that he doesn’t understand anything about economics or the effect that printing large amounts of new money would have upon our economy. You can probably tell from the quotes that I put absolutely no stock into what this man is saying. I really felt as if I had wasted my time!

And that’s when the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Spoke to me so very clearly and put me under HUGE conviction.

This man has committed to spending every moment of the rest of his life sharing this foolish plan that he has, even though it’s pretty much crap. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God Almighty, so why haven’t I committed to spending every moment of every day sharing HIM with as many people as I can???

That one question hit me square in the face as I wrestled with the desire to make excuses to the God who knows every thought of my innermost being.


Over the next 3 posts, we’ll explore some of the major reasons that we don’t share the Gospel the way we should. Check back soon, the next post will be up shortly.

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